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Jesup Elementary School Welcomes Students With Interactive Projectors

Opening its doors to students for the first time on Thursday, August 8, Jesup Elementary School in Wayne County, Georgia, was fully prepared.
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Opening its doors to students for the first time on Thursday, August 8, Jesup Elementary School in Wayne County, Georgia, was fully prepared. With Hitachi CP-AW2519N projectors for each of its 54 classrooms, Jesup is an example of successful interaction between integrators, architects, and school designers.

“I’ve been working with the Wayne County School System for the last 18 months,” said Daniel Cooper, Georgia Account Executive for Troxell Communications, which sold and installed the projectors. “The school was designed with budget and technology needs in mind.” 

The Hitachi CP-AW2519N, deployed in every classroom, is an interactive ultra-short-throw projector that doesn’t give off shadows or vibrations from the ceiling. A dry-erase board acts as a traditional whiteboard as well as a surface for the projector.

“Including speakers, equipment, installation and labor, we were able to equip each classroom for a total cost of $2,100,” Mr. Cooper said. “The installation was very clean and all the wires are concealed behind the built-in wall plates.”

“The projectors have definitely enhanced the appearance of the classrooms,” said Earl Watson, Technology Specialist at Jesup Elementary School, “but even better is the PJ Man software that allows me to monitor bulb hours and projectors left on inadvertently after school.” 

The CP-AW2519N 3LCD projectors feature 2,500 ANSI lumens brightness and WXGA 1600x1200 resolution.

“When it comes to building a new school, interaction between the technology department and the architect at the earliest opportunity is critical,” said Mr. Cooper. “This collaboration makes installations like this one organized, affordable and seamless.”



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