Join Tech & Learning and Lightspeed Systems for a FREE security webinar

Join Tech & Learning and Lightspeed Systems for a FREE security webinar

ManageIT: Securing Your School Network in the Face of Mobile Devices and Web 2.0 Tools

Thursday, September 30 | 1 pm PST / 4 pm EST


Join us for this essential webinar to discover how you can protect your district’s network, your resources, and your users from the growing threat landscape opened up by mobile computing, personal devices, and Web 2.0 tools. Hear about the current and future challenges districts face in terms of network security. Then get proven tips and expert advice on developing a comprehensive security strategy that can protect you from costly and time-consuming security-related downtime—even amidst growing use of mobile and Web 2.0 technologies.

In this information-packed event, you’ll learn about:

• Blocking threats opened up by mobile computing and personally-owned devices coming onto your network
• Securing your network while opening up valuable Web 2.0 learning opportunities
• Protecting against the growing dangers of malware and increasingly sophisticated viruses
• Stopping email threats before they bring down your system
• Proactively preparing policies and educating users for rapid and efficient response should a security event arise
You’ll also hear real-world stories and tips from a district Technology Director who has created a strong security policy and put in place an effective antivirus and anti-malware solution.