Kajeet® Launches New Distance Learning Devices and Managed Data Plans

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(Image credit: Pixabay/geralt)

According to the US Dept. of Commerce, fourteen percent of households with school-age children do not have Internet access. In today's climate of Covid-19 related remote learning, this means a substantial minority of students may not be able to participate fully in remote school lessons. It may also affect the remote learning opportunities for all students in a district where some do not have internet access. 

To help K-12 school districts, libraries and higher education institutions provide distance learning opportunities for more students, Kajeet® has released a new generation of managed and filtered mobile hotspot devices with unlimited data plan options. The Kajeet SmartSpot™ v400 provides students and educators with greater flexibility for data usage, including support for video-rich instruction from remote locations. 

“The lack of Internet access among economically disadvantaged students has reached a new urgency because of the pandemic, and schools are facing a critical need for solutions that address associated learning gaps,” said Daniel Neal, founder, and CEO of Kajeet. “Digital equity cannot be delayed, and our unlimited data plans and SmartSpot devices provide additional, affordable options for educators to build that bridge.” 

The recent global health crisis has had a dramatic impact on education. In the coming academic year, K-12 schools could face reduced state funding, and higher education institutions could see dramatically smaller operating budgets due to enrollment losses. With financial resources strained and even greater uncertainty over the future of classroom instruction, the Kajeet SmartSpot provides a cost-effective way to deliver filtered Internet access to students from anywhere, without disruption to instruction and learning.  

The Kajeet SmartSpot v400 aims to create more options for educators to enhance digital teaching and enrich distance learning experiences using superior connectivity for video and immersive technologies. In addition, Kajeet Sentinel®, the company’s core multi-network, cloud-native connectivity platform, provides stronger control and compliance of SmartSpot devices with integrated filtering, device management, network security, analytics and reporting. 

Using Category 9 LTE Internet connectivity, the Kajeet SmartSpot v400 has download speeds of up to 450Mbps and upload speeds of 55Mbps. The hotspot device also handles more frequencies, multi-carrier aggregation and provides administrators more control of SSID settings to improve privacy and security for students. 

Kajeet SmartSpot devices support the six major North American carriers including AT&T, Verizon, T Mobile, US Cellular, Rogers, and Bell Mobility.  

The Kajeet SmartSpot v400 is available now through Kajeet. For more information, visit www.kajeet.com/smartspot