Kansas City Public Schools Adopt Lightspeed Systems Relay

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(Image credit: Lightspeed Systems)

Students in Kansas City Public Schools are going back to school this year with Chromebooks filtered and monitored with Lightspeed Systems Relay. The Relay platform is a complete solution to filter, manage, monitor, protect, and analyze online activity in schools. 

For the last five years, every single Kansas City Public Schools student has been equipped with a laptop. As the 1:1 program has matured, the District recognized the need to replace its firewall filtering solution with something that offered more holistic filtering, monitoring, and reporting both on and off campus.

After an review of its options, Kansas City Public Schools selected Relay by Lightspeed Systems. The platform provides internet filtering on and off campus; classroom management and screen monitoring; safety monitoring; reporting; and more. In addition to the Chromebooks, Relay works on other devices and platforms across the District.

In addition to the filtering and safety functions, Relay offers integrated and automated Parent Reports as well as holistic reporting on all user activity. Phillips explained: "Parents have a lot of concerns about privacy, screen time, and the value of technology for instruction. Relay is able to help us alleviate these with actual quantitative data rather than qualitative stories or concepts."

Schools interested in filtering, safety, usage reporting, classroom monitoring, and parent reports can request a demo at: www.lightspeedsystems.com/demo