Kentucky School Improve ELA Scores With Standards-Based Program

Eminence Elementary School in Eminence, Kent. reports improved student English language arts (ELA) scores in its third and fourth grade classes after using Common Core Coach from producer of K-12 texts and interactive digital tools, Triumph Learning. The school district selected the program as their primary teaching tool to assist in the implementation of ELA Common Core State Standards.

“Common Core Coach helped our teachers match their lessons and assessments to the new standards, which allowed them to target specific standards through reading, speaking, listening and writing,” said Principal Michael Doran. “Best of all, our students loved the challenge each lesson presented.”

After implementing the Common Core in 2011-2012, Eminence Elementary School was looking for an assessment-based resource that better aligned their ELA teaching to the new standards. Turning to Common Core Coach during the 2012-2013 school year, teachers saw improvement in student scores on the Kentucky Performance Rating for Education Progress state test. The percentage of students performing at the lowest achievement level (Novice) decreased from 46 to 33 percent in the fourth grade. In the third grade, the percentage of students performing at the Novice level decreased from 38 to 27 percent. In the third grade, there were also decreases in the Apprentice and Proficient levels that resulted in an increase in students at the Distinguished level, rising from 6 to 27 percent of the class.

Common Core Coach is a learning program geared towards Common Core standards and skills instruction. Teachers guide students to master skills with structured, targeted lessons.

“Triumph Learning aims to help students achieve mastery of skills and standards in ELA and all core subject areas,” said Mike Morley, publisher for Triumph Learning. “We are proud to produce products like Common Core Coach that help teachers and students during their Common Core implementation.”