Keyboard Special Characters

Question: How do you make a degree sign on the keyboard?

The IT Guy says:
The Web page “Tip sheet on special characters” includes keyboard shortcuts for a wide variety of special characters on both Windows and Macintosh computers. On a Windows computer, the key sequence for the degree symbol is Alt + 0176; on a Macintosh it is option - shift – 8. The page also includes the HTML code used for special characters, which can be handy if you are posting a message to a Weblog or discussion board that allows HTML formatting to be used. In the case of the degree symbol, the HTML code is “°”.

A simpler solution if you are using MS Word is to place your insertion point exactly where the symbol should appear, choose Insert > Symbol, and browse the wide assortment available. Click the particular symbol you want and then click insert. If you need to use the same symbol in several places, once it’s in your text just copy and paste it as you would any other character.

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