KIPP LA Schools Selects OpenDNS Enterprise Web Filtering

OpenDNS, provider of Internet security and DNS services, today announced KIPP LA Schools is using cloud-based OpenDNS Enterprise to meet the web-filtering requirements of CIPA compliance. KIPP LA Schools (KIPP LA), a non-profit organization operating free, open-enrollment, public charter schools that support under-resourced areas of Los Angeles, chose OpenDNS Enterprise to protect nearly 2,000 students and faculty members, and join the 1 in 3 U.S. K-12 public schools using OpenDNS to keep kids safe online.

KIPP LA’s technology team was searching for a streamlined content filtering solution that would allow them to meet CIPA compliance without breaking the bank. As Director of Technology Matthew Peskay explained, “Our schools depend on E-Rate funding (which requires CIPA compliance) to cover more than 85% of the cost of high-speed Internet for our five (and counting) schools.” However, appliance and software-based solutions would require substantial administrative resources that would be cost-prohibitive.

Of the utmost importance to KIPP LA’s IT team was the ability to centrally monitor and manage network settings and stats for all sites through a single Web-based Dashboard. Mr. Peskay explains, “We have seven sites throughout South and East Los Angeles, and when our teachers or administrators request changes, it’s imperative that the educational process isn’t obstructed because of a delay in applying those changes. The OpenDNS dashboard allows us to make changes to any of our sites from any device where we have an Internet connection.”

After exploring the marketplace for a cloud-based solution that could meet their needs, Mr. Peskay determined that OpenDNS Enterprise was the only service that met all of the organization’s needs and would still keep costs low. Primarily, OpenDNS Enterprise ensures that KIPP LA meets the web-filtering requirements for CIPA compliance and that its students are protected from harmful online content. It also protects against malware, phishing and other Internet threats.

KIPP LA is planning to open nine additional schools over the next several years, so it was also important that the organization settled on a scalable solution. Because OpenDNS Enterprise is a cloud-based service, it can be scaled on-demand and new networks can be up and running quickly.

Mr. Peskay added: “Thanks to OpenDNS Enterprise, we are able to centralize management, minimize administrative overhead, avoid on-site hardware and most importantly, protect our students with a trusted solution. I’d definitely recommend it for other K-12 schools.”