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Lake County Schools Goes Digital District-Wide

Lake County Schools (LCS), Florida has chosen SAFARI Montage’s Digital Learning Platform – Digital Curriculum Presenter™ – and integrated Learning Object Repository to manage the district’s digital learning resources.

After piloting SAFARI Montage at several schools, including the district’s 1-to-1 iPad high school, LCS administrators decided to take make the system’s instructional tools available to all of the district’s students.

“Lake County Schools looked for the tools to provide the same rigorous learning environment to all students on any device at any time and chose the SAFARI Montage platform to accomplish this,” said
Dr. Creed Wheeler, Executive Director of Information and Instructional Technology Services at LCS.

As part of the district’s long-term technology plan, SAFARI Montage will work with technology integrator United Data Technologies (UDT) to provide LCS with a suite of standards-based tools, including Digital Curriculum Presenter™ (DCP) from which teachers can create and present a complete digital curriculum designed to support standards. SAFARI Montage and UDT will also be working with Modern Teacher to provide the district’s educators with professional development to ensure successful implementation during the 3 year transitional period to a full digital curriculum.

DCP offers a virtual student response system that can convert mobile devices into virtual clickers that will support the district’s upcoming Bring Your Own Technology program. Students and teachers will also be able to access the Learning Object Repository’s digital resources from any mobile device, including iPad®, iPhone®, Android™-based devices and netbooks.

“SAFARI Montage provides innovative tools to allow students to learn differently through models such as blended learning or flipped classrooms…and help us reach our ‘Bring Your Own Technology’ goal for the 2013-14 school year,” said Kathleen Halbig, Manager of Innovative Learning at LCS.