Latest Numbers on Student Internet Access

I’m meeting with a planning group to discuss online access at the high school. I’d like to share some up-to-date statistics about Internet use among teens and their attitudes about the Internet. Where can I find this information?

The Pew Internet & American Life project is a great resource. The project released a new data memo regarding teens (ages 12 to 17), technology, and school in August 2005. Here a just a few findings related to your question:

Eighty-six percent of the teens surveyed, and 80% of their parents, believe that Internet use helps students academically.

Teens are reporting increased access to the Internet at school. Although most teens still list home as their primary location for getting online, one in five students who access the Internet from more than one location now list school as the place where they get online most often.

Although 99% of schools report being connected to the Internet, 32% of the teens surveyed said they had no online access at school.

Download the full memo at “Pew/Education: The Internet at School."

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