Let The Change Begin

Now that the euphoria of education’s stimulus windfall has waned slightly, a general sense of confusion and, dare I say, cynicism has begun to creep into the conversation. How is all of this actually going to change the way we teach in this country? Who gets what, how much, and when? The answers can be hazy.

That’s where T&L comes in. Starting this month, the magazine embarks on a three-part series about the stimulus package and what it means specifically for integrating technology into America’s curriculum. This month’s feature on page 38 breaks down the numbers and explains where technology funds are going. We dissect the fine print to explain what exactly Obama means when he speaks of “modernizing America’s classrooms.” Part two in our June issue will detail what plans some states and districts already have in place for their pieces of the pie. Part three covers what is likely the most urgent question: what can you do with the funds? The entire July issue is devoted to implementation strategies for educators at all levels—district, school, and classroom. Features will also include expert analysis and opinions on how you can shape the future of American education if and when these monies trickle down to your classroom.

Be sure to follow our active coverage online at techlearning.com, where you can also participate by letting us know what you are seeing—or NOT seeing—done with the funds in your home school, district, and state.

Kevin Hogan
Editorial Director