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Micro LED is a flat-panel display technology comprised of several microscopic LEDs, which self-illuminate per pixel. Is is the inorganic version of an OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) offering darker blacks and brighter whites. The tech is prime for modular design, as multiple panels can be combined without ever having to sacrifice its striking visual quality. Samsung unveiled its first Micro LED TV at CES 2018. The 146-inch "The Wall" 4K TV was topped this year by a 219-inch display. While this was purely for demo sake, scaled down 75” versions will be available next year. 

Though likely priced out of many school’s budgets, those who might opt for this screen over a traditional projector appreciate another of Samsung’s CES announcements — that 2018/19 TVs will now enjoy access to Apple iTunes and AirPlay 2 streaming, opening up a myriad new project learning and educational resources for the classroom. 


SMART Board 7000 offers iQ technology, which lets teachers switch from lessons to whiteboard to game-based activities right at the board. Students and teachers can use SMART ink to add notes and write over virtually everything you can show on the board  — websites, videos, PDFs, doc files. The writing experience is more natural, with realistic curved edges that can also be converted to text with a single touch. Four pens with individualized ID’s are ideal for group work, while still allowing teachers to see individual contributions at a glance (16 different finger touch-points are also recognized). Bonus, the Silktouch surface has put an end to teachers’ dread finger burn from a long day on the board. 

Another BETT Digital Devices Finalist, Promethan ActivPanel, offers an intuitive new whiteboard app that negates the need for lengthy training, interacting naturally with a pen-write/touch-choose/palm-erase mode. Pinch/zoom nav and integrated charts, tables, ruler, protractor tools are versatile and sessions are easily saved for future use. 


Casio announced a new Superior Series of LampFree projectors (4000 lumen brightness, full HD res with a 1.7X zoom lens). The next generation of Casio’s mercury-free LED and Laser hybrid light source provides up to 20,000 hours of service life —an eco, time and financial benefit for schools.

The 2019 LampFree Network Model projectors —including Tech & Learning Best of Show winner, Casio Superior XJ-S400UN LampFree Projector — features tech designed to reduce classroom set-up time. An Auto Input Search eliminates the need to set the input port to connect. Simply plug the PC into the projector and begin the lesson. Transitions, which can be a challenge in the classroom, are made easier with the Auto Projection Off feature, which automatically puts the projector into stand-by mode, and a Countdown Timer for classroom management. The Moderator Function, lets teachers select a presenter from anywhere in a classroom and project their PC onto the screen. (Data, classwork and presentations from students’ devices can be shared via a wireless connection.)

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Sascha has nearly two decades of experience as a freelance journalist writing for national magazines, including The Washington Post, LA Times, Christian Science Monitor, National Geographic Traveler, and others. She writes about education, travel and culinary topics.