Letter from the Staff

Dear Readers,

In this 25th anniversary issue, Technology & Learning recognizes more than just a generation of its existence. T&L recognizes, as well, the pioneering first generation of digital technology in schools and the people, products, and initiatives that have shaped it. On both fronts, it's a milestone to celebrate.

As today's technologies have grown, evolved, and been refined, so has the magazine. Originally published on newsprint (see the timeline) and regularly featuring several pages of educator-written code, over the years Classroom Computer News became Classroom Computer Learning and finally Technology & Learning. What was essentially a small, early-'80s journal serving a circumscribed "education propeller head" niche market has been transformed into a mainstream education publication in the ubiquitous computing era of 2005.

Throughout these changes, Technology & Learning's mission to serve educators by providing both vision and practical tools has remained constant. We are pleased to salute the editors, writers, columnists, companies, advisers, and partners who continue to make that possible. Finally, we'd also like to thank our readers. Your loyalty, innovation, and dedication to students continues to inspire us.


The T&L team