LifeLaunchr Announces Free Scholarship Matching Tool

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LifeLaunchr has released a new scholarship matching tool for school counselors, teachers, parents and students.

LifeLaunchr Scholarship Match, a free tool, provides an individualized list of college scholarships based on multiple criteria, including location, academics, personal interests, and affiliations. LifeLaunchr does not accept advertising, and vets all scholarship programs to ensure they are legitimate and come from reputable sources. The tool indicates a student’s match score, or how well the student fits the program criteria, for each scholarship. Students can also see the total amount of scholarship money available to them based on their eligibility. With a subscription, counselors, parents and students can get automated alerts and reminders as well as access to college planning advice. 

[Micro Scholarship Resource Supports Aspiring College Students]

Searching for scholarships and finding matches on LifeLaunchr Scholarship Match is free. By signing up for a LifeLaunchr subscription, students can “follow” the scholarships they are interested in pursuing to get reminders and text-message or email alerts for application timelines. 

Scholarship Match may also be a useful tool for high school and private college admissions counselors in their work with students.

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