Limiting user hard drive space

Question: How do I limit the size of the user's drive?

The IT Guy says:
You can configure user accounts in Windows or Macintosh computer environments to permit file saving only on network user folders. When you specify the details for those user accounts, you can limit the amount of server hard drive space available to each user. For example, you can provide each user with 10 MB of server space. You may want to consider using desktop security software like Fortres 101 ( or Foolproof Security ( These programs are likely not necessary, however, if you are using fairly recent Novell, Windows, or Macintosh servers that permit group and individual user policies to be setup and enforced. Without knowing the server and client environment in which your students are working I cannot specify the exact steps to make these configuration changes. I would recommend you contact your district’s network administrator and ask for assistance in making these configuration changes. You should NOT have to make each user account manually and separately, scripts can be used which take username information from a standard delimited file (which may come from your student information system, for example) and create each account according to the settings you want. Your district admin or someone who provides server support for your district should be able to help you with this process.

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