Live Bookmarks in Firefox

How do you keep up-to-date with all the information on the Internet? Since as professional developers and technology coordinators we are so busy, wouldn't it be great to have the latest news and features delivered directly to us, rather than clicking from site to site. The answer is “RSS.” or "Really Simple Syndication."

Subscribing to a RSS feed is simple. I use Firefox, and in that program I create a Live Bookmark, which I can do easily with version 1.5 or newer. Firefox can auto-detect some feeds and then provides a shortcut for subscribing by placing an orange icon either at the bottom right of the browser or in the address bar.

Here’s how I added a feed from the New York Times to my Bookmarks Toolbar:

Go to htto://

Click on the orange icon to bring up a list of the feeds:

Selecting a feed brings up Add a Live Bookmark to the Bookmarks Toolbar folder

It is okay to change the name so you know what the feed is.

Now the feed shows on your toolbar. Click on it and the latest International news feeds appear, changing each time you check it.

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