Low hard drive disk space problems

Question: My computer continues to say I do not have enough free space on my hard drive, but I have just deleted a bunch of files. What can I do?

The IT Guy says:
Here are several suggestions:

  • Use the Add/Remove Programs control panel to remove all programs from your system that you don’t need.
  • In Accessories – System Tools choose Disk Cleanup and run it on your hard drive (Drive C.) After scanning, click “more options†and select System Restore Cleanup. Then click disk cleanup, selecting all available options.
  • Empty your recycle bin.
  • Check your temporary Internet files settings in Internet Explorer options, each user has a set amount of disk spaced reserved, so consider reducing this amount or deleting user accounts you do not need.
  • If you have system restore settings, check how much memory is reserved for system restore and reduce that amount if desired.

You can also try the freeware program Spacemonger to view which files on your computer are taking up the most space, and then decide if you want to delete those also to free up more space.

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