Mac OS X Printing Unexpectedly Quits

Question: My Macintosh computer running OS X quits print jobs to my deskjet 6122 before the job is finished. What should I do?

The IT Guy says:
Several things could be to blame in this case. If you are printing from a classic application or an OS X native application, the solution may be different.

My first suggestion is to make sure you are running the latest version of the Mac OS X operating system. Download any available free upgrades using the "Software Update" option in System Preferences. If possible, purchase an educational license for an operating system upgrade to the last 10.3 "Panther" version. An educational license can provide 3 years of upgrades for the operating system, so whenever a new version is released (a paid or a free upgrade) you can install it. Upgrading to Panther will most likely fix your problem, particularly if you choose to install a clean version of the operating system instead of upgrading your existing installation.

If you are not able to upgrade to Panther or do not want to, there are some other possibilities. One is that your printer driver may be corrupted. Download a new driver from your printer manufacturer's website for your Mac OS version, and then reinstall your printer. When you run the printer driver program, it should replace older printer drivers in your hard drive's Library/Printers folder with newer versions.

To reinstall your printer, From the Applications / Utilities folder open the Print Center. Click on your printer and delete it, then choose to add another printer. If it connects via USB, select that as the connection option at the top and then choose the appropriate printer driver from the list.

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