Managing computers and software licenses(2)

Question: What software is available to help network administrators manage increasing numbers of computers and keep track of software licenses?

The IT Guy says:
Different server software tools are available in Windows 2000 and Macintosh OS X Server that can be used by network administrators to take stock of installed software on network client computers, perform updates, and make other system changes. The problem is that many schools use a variety of operating systems and funds are not available to upgrade everyone's computer to the latest operating system that supports these server features. A program that can help you manage different generations of operating systems on different platforms is Netopia's "netOctopus" systems management software. This software works with virtually all Windows operating systems since Windows 95, and Macintosh Operating systems 9.1 and newer. netOctopus allows administrators to keep tabs on over 500 different hardware, software, and systems details, including the number of total software licenses installed for different programs. It allows remote control of computers, remote installations and upgrades (software distribution,) and asset management tools invaluable to already overtaxed technicians and administrators. Learn more at netOctopus.

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