Mapping shared folders in Windows

Question: What are the different methods for mapping a shared folder in Windows XP?

The IT Guy says:

Once a shared folder has been created on a network server, several options are available for connecting to that directory as a drive letter on a client computer.

Option 1: Go to START - RUN, type 2 backslashes and then the name of the server.Example: \\myisd1Publicly shared print queues and folders will show up, you can right click and choose MAP NETWORKDRIVE (for a folder) or CONNECT (for a printer) as desired.

Option 2: Open a new window in Windows XP (double click MY COMPUTER) and from the TOOLS menu choose MAP NETWORK DRIVE.Select the drive letter you want to use (this doesn't matter really, but your login script may already take up some of them besides the standard A:, C:, D:, etc)Beside FOLDER enter the exact path to the directory you want to map. Shares which are "hidden" have a dollar sign behind the name. This is setup by the network administrator at the time the share is created.

Option 3: Open MY NETWORK PLACES and choose ADD A NETWORK PLACE. Select CHOOSE ANOTHER NETWORK LOCATION (don't pick MSN communities)Enter the web address of the folder you want to access. This works on servers setup with Frontpage extensions installed. Use the full address including http://.

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