Merging Different Excel Workbooks into a PDF

Question: I have several different Excel worksheets that I need to merge together and then export as a single PDF file. How can I do this?

The IT Guy says:
The shareware utility “Merge Workbooks" will let you merge multiple Excel workbooks into a single Excel file workbook. The trial version lets you merge up to 12 workbooks together. The software is compatible only with Windows-based operating systems. After you have merged the workbooks, create a PDF file as you would normally: by selecting FILE – CREATE ADOBE PDF FILE or by choosing PRINT and selecting PDF WRITER as the printer. If you do not have the full version of Adobe Acrobat, which allows most Windows programs to create PDF files, be aware that freeware and shareware programs are also available that permit PDF file creation, as described in my article “Options for Working With PDF Files."

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