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Microscope Imaging Station

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This video-rich site makes available a wide array of magnified images captured by microscope. Numerous videos illustrate microscopic processes such as cell division by mitosis, embryonic development, immune response by white blood cells, and zygotes uniting as fertilization takes place. The gallery includes still and video images of white and red blood cells, stem cells, roundworms (C. elegans), mouse embryonic cells, amoebae, protozoa, plankton, fruit flies, sea urchins, leaf cells, and zebrafish. The images and accompanying text explore cellular structure and function.



Image Utility

Question: I need an application that takes in a jpeg file, resizes it or adds a frame to it rotate it and do other modifications to it. The IT Guy says: If you are willing to spend less than $100 for a superb program, look no further than Adobe PhotoShop Elements. Elements is an extremely powerful but less

PowerPoint Images

Listen to the podcast Question: Can I create an image slide show in PowerPoint without having to import the pictures one at a time? The IT Guy says: There is a little-known option in the Windows version of PowerPoint to easily insert a set of pictures and create a slide show. (As of yet, the Mac version

From Microscopes to Large-Scale Sculpture

From Microscopes to Large-Scale Sculpture National Public Radio makes the connection between art and science by exploring the work of sculptor Kendall Buster. Site visitors can open an audio file to hear an interview with microbiologist-turned-artist Kendall Buster. Buster uses the images she sees