Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Beta

Question: Some of our teachers have asked whether or not they should install and use Internet Explorer 7 Beta? What do you think?

The IT Guy says:
IE 7 Beta for Windows is a major browser upgrade in terms of functionality. Security improvements feature prominently in this list, as does support for "feeds" like RSS and ATOM, used for blogs and podcasts. As with any other "beta" software, there are likely to be some issues and bugs, but I have been using it for several weeks and really like it. Caution your teachers that if they use it, they may notice some system instability, and they should note what programs they had open at the time and what they were doing if the program crashes or freezes. IE7 is now in Beta2, however, and seems pretty stable on my system. This would be a great chance to talk with teachers about “feeds†and the benefit of accessing information that you “pull†to your computer (like blogs and podcasts) rather than content "pushed" whether you want it or not, like Spam.

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