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Missouri District Uses Mobile Technology to Focus on State Testing

Exeter R-VI School District will be deploying 50 Kineo tablets in Exeter Elementary School.
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Exeter R-VI School District, a small district in Southwest Missouri, will be deploying 50 Kineo tablets in Exeter Elementary School. The district plans to pilot the strategy with the initial 50 devices in order to consider a one-to-one strategy in the future. They are implementing Brainchild’s AYP package which includes 50 Kineo’s, Achiever! subscription for the whole school, and 3 days of onsite professional development. Kineo's come loaded with Achiever! software to help students prepare for the state's MAP testing.

Students at Elexer Elementary will be able to use the Kineo for individualized instruction to help them master the standards from Missouri's GLE's. For each standard, students will take a pretest to establish their baseline scores. If scores are low, students can watch instructional videos and work through the program’s study mode to improve proficiency. Study mode provides immediate feedback for incorrect answers and allows students to work through problems until they get the answer correct. Post test allow for teachers to monitor progress and view reports on student proficiency. Brainchild allows student’s work to be synced with online reports for data-driven instruction.

Along with the hardware and software, Brainchild will also be providing professional development for the staff.

“We have seen a lot of districts struggling to use iPads® and tablets for well-defined, measurable programs,” said Jeff Cameron, Brainchild’s president. “We are focused on establishing goals with schools and then applying the proper content, support, and professional development to surpass those goals.”

Kineo tablets are built for schools. They have 7” screens with built-in screen protectors, a 10 hour battery, and safety features designed specifically for school usage. They give students restricted access to the Web, Flash capabilities for multimedia instruction, and a choice of numerous eReader programs.



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