My Hero

Do you know a hero?
Who are your heroes?

Let's help students understand the true meaning of hero and heroism by participating in the My Hero Project. Check out MY HERO to see how you can address language arts, arts, and technology standards by encouraging your students to share their hero stories with children around the world.

Teacher resources found in the Teacher's Room include using the eCreate tool that gives teachers the ability to create a web page of student stories or stories around themes such as black history and women. Teacher lessons, activities for K-12; especially good for 6th-8th grades.

Add your vision by sharing your words, images, and short films celebrating heroes from around the world. Browse the library, gallery, news wire, and forum and then sign the guest book. Check out the Teacher's Room for lesson ideas and curriculum supplements such as the My Hero Living Museum. A number of stories can be seen in Spanish in MI HEROE, so your Spanish-speaking students can contribute stories in their native language as they improve their English. The Create tool lets students easily design and upload a MY HERO web page focused on their hero.

MY HERO can easily meet particular standards in language arts and technology, as well as other curriculum areas, depending on the content of student stories, art work and short films. (MY HERO:

Barbara Bray, Educational Consultant,; President, My eCoach

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