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National Robotics Week is coming

 The first annual National Robotics Week will be held from April 10-18
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The first annual National Robotics Week will be held from April 10-18, when a series of events and activities is aimed at increasing public awareness of the growing importance of “robo-technology” and the social and cultural impact that it will have on the future of the United States.

The current effort is being coordinated by a National Robotics Week Advisory Council, organized by iRobot Corp. and The Technology Collaborative, a Pittsburgh-based non-profit economic development organization, along with a number of other companies, universities and organizations.

Numerous public events and activities will be held in cities across the country, including:

o Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute 30th Anniversary Open House
o University of Pennsylvania GRASP Lab Open House
o Congressional Caucus on Robotics Briefing
o CSM VEX Robotics Challenge, College of Southern Maryland, April 10
o Young Innovators Day, The Tech Museum in Silicon Valley, April 11
o Robot Block Party, Stanford University, April 14
o USC Center for Robotics and Embedded Systems Open House
o National Robotics Challenge, April 15-17

Many more activities are planned. To learn more visit



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