Nationally Recognized 1:1 Initiative Chooses Device Security

Pascack Valley Regional High School District (PVRHSD), one of the nation’s first districts to implement a 1:1 technology plan, has adopted Prey anti-theft, privacy and security software.

PVRHSD provides over 2000 district-owned Mac Books, putting a device in the hands of each student and teacher across their two high school campuses.Over the past 10 years, PVRHSD has expanded it’s 1:1 initiative and their device management tool box as they continue to improve upon their support and tools for this initiative, including security of each device.

“Since launching our 1:1 initiative in 2004, we have watched device security and protection evolve. Early on we realized security and privacy would be amongst our greatest concerns.” Christopher DeNoia, Network Administrator at PVRHSD says. “When we discovered Prey we found a partner who shares our belief that successful 1:1 implementation means providing tools that protect student privacy and device security while allowing devices the freedom to access the needed apps and networks, in addition to providing teachers and administrators peace of mind allowing us to focus on what is important; learning.”

“We are excited to be working with PVRHSD,” said Prey Co-Founder, Tomas Pollak. “Their decision to include Prey in their MDM toolbox is extremely rewarding as Prey Education was founded for this very reason; to give innovative school districts like PVRHSD the freedom to explore how technology can improve instruction. By protecting student privacy and information, administrators like Mr. DeNoia and his team can focus their attention on learning, truly seeing how their commitment to technology and 21st century skills will benefit student learning.”