NEC Display Consolidates Entry-level Projector Series

NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc., provider of commercial projectors and displays, today announced the launch of two new projector series. The MC and ME series consolidate NEC’s former entry-level projector series. Designed primarily for K-12 education, house of worship classrooms and small business applications, the five new models provide between 3700 and 4000 lumens and offer XGA, WXGA or WUXGA resolution.

The new MC series projectors — MC372X and MC382W — replace the models in NEC’s VE and V series. These models offer an upgrade for entry-level projector customers, including increased brightness, better connectivity, network capability and longer lamp life. The three new ME series projectors — ME402X, ME372W and ME382U —replace models in NEC’s first-generation ME series, offering longer lamp life and a broad choice of resolutions.

Each new MC and ME model features LCD technology and a new high-performance lamp, lasting up to 15,000 hours in Eco mode or 10,000 hours at full brightness.

Each MC and ME model includes a standard zoom lens, while MC series projectors have a 1.2X zoom lens, and ME series projectors have a broad 1.7X zoom lens for  greater installation flexibility. 

The MC and ME series projectors are backed by NEC’s 3-year warranty and include the InstaCare advance exchange program for the duration of the warranty. They will be available in February 2019. For additional information and specs,  visit NEC Display Solutions.