Need to Find Research? Try Google Scholar

We’re working on a grant proposal and need to find research to support the instructional strategies we plan to use. I’ve spent hours online, but am having difficulty sifting through all the search results to find just research. Do you know of a good site or portal I can use to get started?

You're in luck! Google now offers Google Scholar, which searches peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts, articles, and more. You won't always be given access to full manuscripts, but it certainly allows you to build a list of appropriate resources to work from. You can also see how many times each work has been cited elsewhere and even review these citations using the links provided for this purpose.

Access Scholar by going to the Google Home page and clicking on the "More" link, which will bring up a page that the Google staff playfully calls "More, more, more." Look for the "Scholar" link and click it. A faster way, less subject to distractions by all the goodies on that "More, more, more" page, is to go directly to Google Scholar.

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