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Negroponte Unveils $100 Laptop

The first working model of the $100 One Laptop Per Child debuts in Boston.
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Courtesy of TechWeb News The first working model of the $100 One Laptop Per Child made its debut this week at the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston where lunch can cost $100. Unveiled by Nicholas Negroponte, co-founder of the MIT Media Lab, the machine didn’t have a hand crank for power, but it was noted that it would use less then two watts of power. A final version, however, could have a hand crank. Negroponte was inducted into the Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange (MITX) Hall of Fame at the event. Press reports indicated that the rugged laptop, with a bright new display, was well-received. Negroponte is leading a program designed to bring inexpensive computing to children in undeveloped and developing nations around the world.



The XO Laptop

from Technology & Learning The pioneering XO computer balances low price with kid-friendly features. Company: One Laptop Per Child Foundation ( System Requirements: Electricity (though alternate charging methods such as hand crank, solar and wind are/will be available). Price:

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Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation president Bruce Dixon is on a mission to put a laptop in every child's hands.

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NECC Educators Get a Peek at the $100 Laptop Educators attending the National Educational Computing Conference were among the first to get a peek at a working model of the $100 laptop that One Laptop Per Child hopes to distribute to millions of children in the developing world. Wireless Laptops Motivate MI

Live from NECC: 100 Laptops

Desire2Learn Incorporated (Desire2Learn) will continue its 2009 XOXO campaign at NECC 2009, the largest annual technology conference for K-12 audiences, in Washington, DC, June 29th to July 1st, 2009. The 2009 goal is to purchase 100 laptop computers to provide students access to eLearning in underprivileged areas of the world. One hundred XO laptops will open a world of opportunity for hundreds of students and families alike. For more information, visit

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Question: Are laptops durable enough for school use? The IT Guy says: Depending on the laptop model purchased, my answer would be a definite YES. Laptops are increasingly being designed with school users in mind. No model is indestructible (although some versions used by US troops in the Iraq conflict looked

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Question: Do you recommend that school districts purchase desktop or laptop computers for teachers? The IT Guy says: At one time, desktop computers were far more powerful than laptops and a case could be made that laptops were simply too expensive and underpowered to be realistic for teacher purchases. Those

Pilot Chosen for One-to-One Laptop Project

North Vista Elementary, Florence, SC, has been selected to participate as a pilot site in the state's One Laptop per Child initiative. The One Laptop per Child push is a partnership between the South Carolina Department of Education and the

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