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Netbooks are durable,stylish and connect quickly

Netbooks are durable,stylish and connect quickly

Samsung Electronics America Inc. announces the launch of three new netbooks, the N210, N150 and NB30.

HyperSpace Instant On capability allows the N210 to turn on and immediately go online without waiting for Windows to boot and all three models feature Smart Power Management, which conserves battery power. Samsung’s N210 has a 12 hour battery life and the N150 and NB30 provide a 8.5 hour battery time.

The Samsung NB30 has a number of features designed to protect both the shell and the internal components, including a free-fall sensor which automatically parks the HDD spindle, helping avoid damage to the hard drive if the netbook is dropped, and a specially-designed durable casing.

All three models offer an integrated Digital LiveCam for video conferencing or live messaging and an Intel ATOM N450 processor. They will be available with a recommended price of $349 (N150) and $379 (NB30 and N210).