NetDay Speak Up Survey: Springboard for Discussion

One of the site goals for my elementary school is to strengthen use of technology in instruction. Now that we’re actually working on implementation steps for this goal, we realize that it is too broad. We can’t tackle everything at once. If we were to narrow our focus to one content area, where might we begin?

Ultimately, your decision must be based on the curricular needs of your school. However, you and your staff could use the results of NetDay’s third annual Speak Up survey to guide your discussions. Approximately 15,000 teachers and 185,000 K-12 students completed the survey, which asked about technology use in their schools. You could look at national trends and see how your programs align with these trends.

For example, the majority of student respondents across all grade levels chose math as the top subject they would like better if they could use more technology during class. Would students at your school agree? If so, given the importance of mathematics in basic education and the increased emphasis on the need for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) instruction in U.S. schools, this might become a priority for the staff.

For more info visit “Netday’s 2005 Speak Up Event.“

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