Networking classroom computers

Question: I work in a small school district and do not have high speed Internet access. I do have 3 classroom computers which I would like to network together so they can share files, however. What do I need to do this?

The IT Guy says:
Each computer needs to have a network interface card (NIC). These are relatively inexpensive now, at less than $15 each. Then you will need a hub, along with Ethernet patch cables that will connect each computer to the hub. After those pieces are in place and installed, then you can turn on file sharing for one or more folders on one of the computers, and then access that folder from other computers by going through the Network Neighborhood. You will want to enable the Windows logon in the Network control panel and make sure TCP/IP is an installed protocol for the NIC adapter you have installed. You may need to assign static IP addresses to each one also, if they are not connected to a school network that provides dynamic IP addresses.