New Compact IT Solution Replaces Multiple Servers

Dell today announced the Dell PowerEdge VRTX, a converged IT solution that helps schools connect to online resources, facilitate collaborative learning and support online assessment required by the Common Core State Standards.

School districts across the country have made VRTX a new component of their district infrastructure.

The Mohawk Regional Information Center of Madison-Oneida BOCES was looking to decrease its IT footprint while delivering more flexible educational programs to their 50+ growing school districts.

"The Dell PowerEdge VRTX is an excellent fit for one of our major goals: getting a virtualized platform up and running in school districts that are growing and running out of room for physical servers. With one VRTX enclosure, a district can host dozens of virtual machines in a very small footprint," said Joe DiFabio, telecommunications specialist, Mohawk Regional Information Center of Madison-Oneida Board of Cooperative Educational Services. "Dell PowerEdge VRTX gives our school districts the ability to fail over between compute nodes in the same enclosure, which can really make a difference by ensuring uptime for key applications, including email, file services, student management systems, transportation systems, and cafeteria systems."

Washington-Saratoga Board of Cooperative Educational Services, one of the largest BOCES in New York State, was looking for a scalable data center in a box that solved their sprawl of disparate IT devices and multiple management tools, while also reducing their power and cooling needs.

"The Dell PowerEdge VRTX is a great solution for our school districts and helps reduce server sprawl and simplifies maintenance and management," said Ken Morrill, network analyst, Washington Saratoga Board of Cooperative Educational Services. "One of the biggest attractions of the Dell PowerEdge VRTX for us is the low cooling and power requirement, because our districts generally do not have purpose-built data centers with robust air conditioning and power supplies. With VRTX, we can consolidate three or four servers down to just one efficient unit."