New Content Added to Discovery Education’s Digital Services

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Discovery Education has added immersive new assets to Discovery Education Experience, the Math, Science, and Social Studies Techbook, and STEM Connect. New content recently added to Discovery Education’s services include:

  • All New Shark Week 2019 Content: In Expedition Unknown: Megalodon, explorer Josh Gates and a team of paleontologists study ancient shark teeth to uncover why giant mega-sharks went extinct. In Extinct or Alive: The Lost Shark, biologists explore the Indian Ocean to find out if the rare Pondicherry shark has returned. And in “Return to Shark Island,” shark scientist Dr. Craig O’Connell examines the sudden increase of bull sharks on Achill Island. All programs are now available in Discovery Education Experience and Science Techbook
  • Step Up to the Plate: Students will explore their impact on the environment, learn about the importance of environmental stewardship, and discover how sustainability plays a role in Major League ballparks around the country in six new videos and activities developed in partnership with Major League Baseball. Now available in Discovery Education Experience and Science Techbook, each video and activity introduces an MLB club and presents a different conservation effort including recycling, local food sourcing, water conservation, and energy efficiency
  • Engineering and biology programs from Science Channel: More than 50 new programs from Science Channel have been added to the Discovery Education Experience and Science Techbook. Incredible Engineering Blunders: Fixed travels with journalist Justin Cunningham as he documents, and tries to fix, some of the worst engineering mistakes in history.
  • New Short-Form Videos from CheddarK-12: More than 50 original, short-form videos have been added to the collection of CheddarK-12 series available to Discovery Education Experience and Techbook users. Discovery Education Experience users can find all new programs in the CheddarK-12 channel. 
  • Investigation and Conservation Content from Animal Planet: In Jeremy Wade’s Mighty Rivers, biologist and extreme wrangler Jeremy Wade helps students using Discovery Education Experience and Social Studies Techbook answer questions about the health, sustainability, and hidden depths of our most important waterways, including the Amazon, the Ganges, the Yangtze, the Mississippi, the Danube, and the Zambezi. 
  • History Content from American Heroes Channel:  Through Tuskegee Airmen: Heroes of World War II, former pilots from the famed African American unit share their stories of flying some of the most dangerous missions of the Second World War.  This content has been added to Discovery Education Experience and Social Studies Techbook.
  • Math Videos and Interactives Now Available in Spanish: Math Techbook and Discovery Education Experience users now have access to more than 50 core-concept video clips and interactives in Spanish. The programs cover such topics as functions, Pythagorean theorem, similarity and congruence, and probability. Students will apply their math knowledge to solve real-world problems from biologists, urban planners, and emergency rescue teams. 

Users of Discovery Education’s digital services can find the new content here.

In addition, a new Conservation channel for Discovery Education Experience users will aim to inspire students to take informed action on large-scale issues impacting our planet. The channel will feature videos and images directly from World Wildlife Fund’s vast collection, offering students and educators an inside look at WWF’s efforts to support conservation along six goals: climate, food, freshwater, forests, oceans, and wildlife. 

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