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New England district integrates data systems

 Barnstable Public Schools consists of thirteen schools in six Cape Cod towns, employing a combined 350 teachers and serving over 4,400 students.
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Barnstable Public Schools consists of thirteen schools in six Cape Cod towns, employing a combined 350 teachers and serving over 4,400 students. The district used several different databases and applications for a variety of necessary record-keeping and administrative functions. But having several databases to manage made district data prone to errors and inconsistencies, and it was time-consuming for staff to pull together accurate reports. As a result, Barnstable Public Schools will be consolidating their administrative software applications and cleaning up district data using the X2 Aspen student information platform.

“Transitioning from numerous databases and applications to one integrated system for all their administrative and learning needs will ensure the district’s data is accurately represented, and will give educators more time to focus on student achievement.” said Rick Dwyer, president and founder of X2.

X2 software integrates core K-12 applications, including teacher gradebook, master scheduling, family and student portals, reporting, special education, learning and community pages, health management, and personnel and professional development.

“Since Aspen is a single web-based software application working from one database, these problematic errors will be a thing of the past.” said Stephen Lyle, director of product management at X2.



Integrated data system adopted

  The Montville Public School district consists of five public schools: one high school, one middle school, and three elementary schools.

Texas district honored for data integration

 Pasadena Independent School District (ISD) has received a 2010 Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF) Excellence Award. The district was chosen as the winner in the category for Outstanding Local Education Agency/Horizontal SIF Implementation.

Educational data system boosts CA district performance

 The U.S. Department of Education recently released a report, “Use of Education Data at the Local Level: From Accountability to Instructional Improvement," detailing the value that educational data systems can bring to school districts, by providing teachers with timely, relevant information about student performance. Despite this finding, the report notes that only a small minority of districts and schools have made data use a regular part of teachers’ practice.

Warren County District Adopts Data Visualization Tool

With the potential of adding as many as 200-300 students per year and discussion about moving 6th graders to the middle school, Warren County Public Schools in Bowling Green, Kentucky saw a need to change district alignments to accommodate the rise in schools’ student populations.