New Haven schools choose SIS

Pearson today announced that New Haven Public Schools in Connecticut has selected PowerSchool as its new web-based student information system (SIS). PowerSchool will serve New Haven’s more than 20,000 students.

“We received very positive feedback concerning PowerSchool from our focus group during the decision process,” said Frank Gentile, Information Technology Director for New Haven Public Schools. “Since this focus group was made up of teachers, staff, and administrators, we feel that the reception during implementation will be positive.”

PowerSchool will serve as the information backbone for New Haven Public Schools, providing access to secure, real-time student information through a web browser. The parent portal facilitates interactive dialogue between parents, students, and teachers. Additional features, such as master scheduling and reporting tools, offer the possibility of boosting efficiencies for the district.

“We expect that providing an easy to use and secure system to staff and teachers—which will enable them to enter grades, track/enter attendance, and look up student data—can only result in a positive reception,” Gentile said. Among the factors that led to the PowerSchool purchase, Gentile continued, were its already well-established user base throughout Connecticut, familiarity with state reporting requirements, graphical interface, and rich feature list.

Other Connecticut users of PowerSchool include the Connecticut Technical High School System as well as school districts in Hartford, Meriden, Glastonbury, and Southington.