New High School Electives Expand Digital Curriculum and Content Offering

Compass Learning introduces a new suite of semester-long elective courses, designed for students who are working more independently to complete their elective credits.

“Electives help students develop college and career readiness skills by cultivating their personal interests and allowing them to pursue learning beyond what is needed to fulfill core graduation requirements,” said Ann Henson, vice president, curriculum and instruction, customer service for Compass Learning. “As students, teachers and district administrators strive to meet the demands of the 21st century, a greater selection of electives becomes more and more important.”

The electives fully integrate with the CompassLearning Odyssey® Manager tool, which makes incorporating electives into student, teacher and administrator activities seamless.

The new electives, which will be available later this semester, include sociology, health and medicine, art history, media studies, and personal fitness. The offering is expected to continue to expand as new courses are developed.