New Jersey District Chooses Interactive Whiteboard

Mimio, developer of the MimioClassroom™ family of interactive teaching technologies, today announced that Winslow Township School District will outfit its elementary schools with the MimioBoard™ device, a fixed interactive whiteboard powered by the MimioTeach™ bar. The district, based in New Jersey’s Camden County, will install more than 100 interactive whiteboards before classes resume in September.

The MimioBoard device is both interactive and dry-erasable, and transfers created interactive lessons to other classrooms via its removable MimioTeach bar. The board, which integrates with all MimioClassroom teaching technologies, comes equipped with MimioStudio™ classroom software, and supports both wired and wireless operation.

“Our teachers love Mimio products. We currently use the MimioVote with the MimioStudio software,” said Darryl Scott, supervisor of educational technology, Winslow Township School District. “The addition of the MimioBoard made perfect sense not only in terms of empowering our teachers and students with the most relevant interactive technology, but also in light of its comprehensiveness.”

While the MimioBoard device is a fixed installation, its interactive whiteboard component – the MimioTeach bar – can be detached from the whiteboard and transferred to other classrooms, where it can turn any whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard. The MimioBoard device can also be used with either short- or long-throw projectors.

“No other product that we piloted offered the full package of affordability and ease of use,” Scott added. “And we’ll be able to adopt IWB-related best practices with no trouble, because it’s coupled with an extensive library of rich lesson plans and other professional support through its MimioConnect® teacher forum.”