New Personalized Learning Toolkit Introduced

Tools like those of a Swiss Army knife emerge from a red computer mouse

After eight years of working alongside school leaders, and a year of testing, Education Elements is announcing its Personalized Learning Toolkit. The toolkit helps school leaders take a do-it-yourself approach to planning, designing, and launching a school- or district-level student-centered, personalized learning initiative.

During its work with more than 750 schools and 140 districts, Education Elements designed a four-step methodology for change – Plan & Align, Foundations, Design/Launch, and Support, Reflect, and Iterate – and ongoing face-to-face consultative support.  For schools purchasing the toolkit, there is an initial consultation and setup with an Education Elements personalized learning consultant, then it provides the same four-step methodology and provides the leader with everything needed to guide professional learning of their staff and inspire change.

The toolkit includes the following:

  • Customizable meeting and workshop agendas, slides, resources, and an implementation plan to guide the personalized learning initiative
  • Materials for teacher and leadership team workshops to help staff understand what personalized learning is and how and why it helps students
  • A School Reflection Journal to understand readiness for this instructional shift, guide reflection, and monitor progress
  • A Resource Library with best practice examples from schools and districts around the country

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