New Power Saver: Lightspeed Systems Power Manager

Unattended or unused computers across a school or district network can drain budgets, as well as natural resources. Yet, managing power usage manually is inefficient for busy network administrators. Lightspeed Systems Power Manager enables school and district IT staff to easily manage network energy usage and costs with automated energy conversation. Centralized controls allow network administrators to create and enforce conservation policies customized to meet the needs of multiple locations. Power Manager monitors energy consumption and directs low-power states and shutdown times for all the computers on the network. Computer users are alerted before a computer is going to shut down and given the option to bypass it. Detailed reports document energy savings and return on investment. By powering down unused computers, schools can save $25 to $75 per PC annually while reducing energy waste and gaining eligibility for "green" rebates. Power Manager integrates with Total Traffic Control, Lightspeed's network security and management software for schools and districts.

- Power Manager is $10 per workstation
- Total Traffic Control with Power Manager is $17 per workstation