New Study Says MOOCs Have Few Active Users

New Study Says MOOCs Have Few Active Users

A new study from the Alliance for Higher Education & Democracy at University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education reveals some interesting findings related to MOOCs. These emerging findings include:

• MOOC course completion rates are low, averaging 4% across all courses and ranging from 2% to 14% depending on the course and measurement of completion.

• Across the 16 courses, completion rates are somewhat higher, on average, for courses with lower workloads for students and fewer homework assignments (about 6% versus 2.5%).

• The total number of individuals accessing a course varied considerably across courses, ranging from more than 110,000 for “Introduction to Operations Management” to about 13,000 for “Rationing and Allocating Scarce Medical Resources.”

• Across all courses, about half of those who registered viewed at least one lecture within their selected course.

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