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New Tech Scans Irises to ID Students

Students can’t lose their IDs when more schoolsimplement new biotechnology like iris scanning.
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Students can’t lose their IDs when more schools implement new biotechnology like iris scanning. Companies like BlinkSpot offer technology that scans student irises as children board or exit the bus, for example, and this data is sent in real time to the school, along with an individual email to each parent verifying the time and location of their child. Other companies looking into the school market include EyeLock, which is piloting their iris scanning devices in elementary school districts around the country. For details, visit or

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District saves time with new scan-to-print solution

Xerox has partnered with Rochester Software Associates to provide a scan to print shop solution that allows teachers and staff of the Blue Valley School District in Kansas to spend less time preparing materials in their buildings. Tests, reading packets,

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School Lane Charter, Bucks County PA, Joins ScholarChip’s Growing Client Roster promo image

ScholarChip Streamlines Student ID with Affordable Web-based Application

ScholarChip®, has announced its new browser-based student ID Manager system. Now, K12 schools can save money by using their own hardware to connect to the most advanced ID card system available in the market today. Existing photos can also be uploaded in bulk. ScholarChip’s new web-based ID Manager System is integrated with popular Student Information Systems (SIS) like PowerSchool® and others. When combined with a card reader, school districts can enjoy automated attendance-based operations and security services that include student and staff attendance (large group, building, bus, hallway); visitor management; behavior management; cafeteria POS; and secure door access.  

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