New tool helps develop strategies for Common Core Standards implementation

As states all over the U.S. begin the process of Common Core Standards implementation, questions, and even objections, natural to such a comprehensive initiative are arising. Many educators are asking how, in the face of so many challenges, they can successfully achieve complete Common Core Standards implementation. A new tool from professional development producer School Improvement Network aims to answer this question, and to help educators find success in Common Core Standards implementation.

School Improvement Network has released a new video in its National Association of Elementary School Principles instructional series titled “The School You Would Choose For Your Own Child.” The video outlines the success of California’s Plummer Elementary School, and demonstrates that way that, in the course of a few short years, the school doubled its students’ assessment scores. Throughout the video, educators at Plummer describe strategies that they developed to meet educational standards. They credit community support, teamwork, and especially strong instructional leadership from their principal for the change.

“In a time when so many educators are seeking to understand how standards can change the landscape of a school, our assessment of Plummer Elementary provides clear answers,” explain Curtis Linton, vice president of School Improvement Network. “Any set of educational standards, including the Common Core State Standards, are only going to be as effective as the educators implementing them. Plummer demonstrates the way that passionate, informed leadership will make all the difference in standards implementation. This information will be an incredible boon for schools undergoing Common Core Standards implementation.”

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