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New wireless APs designed for smartphones, tablets

 Aerohive Networks today announced three new 802.11n access points (APs); HiveAP 330, 350 and 170.
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Aerohive Networks today announced three new 802.11n access points (APs); HiveAP 330, 350 and 170. The HiveAP 330/350 3x3:3 stream indoor and indoor industrial APsare designed to deliver higher throughput with the new 3 stream laptops now shipping and to compensate for consumer and other low power Wi-Fi devices.

"Historically the wireless industry has delivered APs designed primarily for laptop connectivity for the enterprise,” said Adam Conway, VP of Product Management, Aerohive Networks. “With the acceptance of consumer smartphones and tablets into the enterprise APs must be able to compensate for the lower transmit power of these devices. Aerohive specifically built the HiveAP 330 and HiveAP 350 to be able to support these new clients along with laptops and other traditional enterprise Wi-Fi clients."

The HiveAP 330 and 350 are available now at a list price of $999 each. The HiveAP 170 will be available at the end of Q3 and will have a list price of $1499 each



New wall-mountable wireless access point

Aruba Networks, Inc. today announced the availability of the AP-93H, an indoor 802.11n access point (AP) that provides secure wired and wireless network connectivity in school and university dormitories, hotels, hospitals, classrooms and other multtenant environments.

New Android tablet designed for education

 Brainchild offers a solution to the costs and risks of using tablets and handheld devices in the classroom with Kineo, launched today at the Florida Educational Technology Conference. It's the first Android™ tablet eBook reader created exclusively for education, with built-in features to keep schools and students safe.

Danish district expands wireless capacity

Aerohive Networks, provider of controller-less Wi-Fi and cloud-enabled networking, today announced that the Danish municipality of Faxe has chosen and deployed Aerohive WLANs for use in all its schools.

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Aerohive Networks introduced Aerohive Connect, a new cloud networking solution that delivers enterprise connectivity and centralized management starting at $229 per access point.