New York State Adds Education Vendor

How does a state as geographically large and populous as New York manage the information and technology needs of hundreds of diverse school districts? Through twelve Regional Information Centers (RICs), which work with all Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) and school districts throughout the state to deliver technical support, resources and solutions.

The Regional Information Centers’ goal is to help districts use technology to make district management easier and more efficient. Professional services provided by the RICs include the following:

  • software training
  • installation, support, and maintenance for a variety of financial and student information systems
  • special education software support
  • test scoring; professional development
  • data warehouse and student data analysis
  • network design and management
  • Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) support

The NY Regional Information Centers have selected ClassLink to be one of their qualified vendors. All of ClassLink’s solutions including LaunchPad, ClassMate, and Inquiry are now available to over 700 New York school districts at preferred pricing. New York State educators will have 24-hour access to their school data and programs.

Engineered for students and teachers, ClassLink’s products promote anytime/anywhere learning access. ClassMate is a student administration and curriculum management software designed for career and technical education, while LaunchPad™ delivers 24-hour access to a school's instructional software resources from any computer in the school, community or home. Inquiry™ provides administrators with customizable real-time software and hardware utilization reports.

In addition to a suite of software products, the company has a specialty in instructional technology professional development and 11 years of expertise in implementing virtualization solutions for schools.

“I am very excited about this new partnership,” said Berj Akian, ClassLink CEO. “This agreement can provide hundreds of thousands of New York State school children and their teachers better access to technology which in turn leads to stronger outcomes. We look forward to working with all the Regional Information Centers to provide our educational solutions to their districts.”