Newark schools adopt PD program

School Improvement Network announces the adoption of the PD 360 on-demand professional development platform in Newark, New Jersey Public Schools. The 2009-2013 Newark strategic plan is called Great Expectations.

“Priority #1 of our strategic plan, Great Expectations—2009-2013, is to ensure highly effective teachers and principals deliver strong curriculum, instruction and assessment,” said Matthew Brewster, Director of Instructional Staff Development in Newark Public Schools. “PD 360 is indispensible to our efforts to prepare all students for college, work and citizenship so they can make positive contributions to our community our state and our nation.”

Continues Mr. Brewster, “Our 75 schools and 39,440 students are too important for anything less than 24/7 professional collaboration. Our teachers and administrators need on-demand access to each other and to content-specific professionals around the country to build capacity and continuously improve and refine their practice.”

Vice president of School Improvement Network, Cory Linton, said, “Matthew Brewster’s mother was a school teacher, his father a preacher. Little Matthew Brewster grew up to combine both their callings. It’s our pleasure to help him honor the memory of his parents. He joins the world’s largest community of verified educators who have access to the most experts, the broadest range of topics and the most classroom examples anywhere.”