NIC troubleshooting

Question: How do I troubleshoot a NIC?

The IT Guy says:
A NIC (network interface card) can be evaluated in several ways. If your computer is not connecting to the network at all: you cannot connect to the internet or any shared directories on network servers, you most likely have a protocol configuration error, a bad patch cable connecting you to the network port, a problem with the network port itself, or a faulty NIC card. A surefire way to determine whether or not the problem lies with the NIC card is to remove it and replace it with a card from another computer you know is functional. If your organization has the money, consider investing in a handheld network tester like those sold by Fluke Networks ( These expensive but extremely valuable devices can provide instant information about the performance and configuration of your network, and are invaluable for troubleshooting many networking issues.

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