NJ Districts Select Solution to Meet AchieveNJ Requirements

The AchieveNJ educator evaluation and support system relies on multiple measures of performance to evaluate teachers. To manage the onslaught of data from these measures — including Student Growth Percentiles (SGPs), Student Growth Objectives (SGOs), and classroom observations — some New Jersey districts are turning to Performance Matters™, which offers an integrated platform for assessment, data management and educator effectiveness.

Among the most recent school systems to purchase Performance Matters solutions are Butler Public Schools, Cherry Hill Public Schools, East Brunswick Public Schools, Franklin Township Public Schools, Freehold Regional High School District, and Garfield Public Schools. All six districts will implement the company’s assessment and data management system, along with the newly released SGO Module to assist in the creation, management and monitoring of SGOs. In addition, Butler, Cherry Hill and Garfield will implement FASTe (Formative Action System for Teacher Effectiveness), a turnkey system for evaluating educator effectiveness, with a framework that can be customized for each school system.

“We needed systems for assessment, data management and teacher evaluation but we didn’t want to piecemeal programs together that wouldn’t speak to each other. Instead, we were looking for a comprehensive solution that would support all of our areas of need,” said Michelle D. Smith, district supervisor of curriculum and instruction for Cherry Hill Public Schools. “We had a team of teachers, administrators, coaches, and data and technology experts review several different products for more than a year. After careful consideration, we chose Performance Matters.”

Performance Matters correlates and analyzes performance data from multiple sources, andturns that data into information to help improve instruction and student learning. Using interactive dashboards and color-coded reports, educators can analyze historical performance on state tests and track current progress on local assessments for any student or group; monitor student growth; and compare their results to any other district or school in the state.