No sound device

Question: My external speakers used to work fine, but now my computer is telling me I do not have a sound device. What should I do?

The IT Guy says:
When you have a hardware problem like this on a Windows computer, it is often a good idea to open the device manager (right click My Computer and choose Properties) and delete whatever driver you have installed. In this case, you will be looking for an audio driver. Next restart your computer, and when Windows XP starts up it should recognize a hardware device (your sound card) that is installed but does not have a driver. Hopefully it will be able to configure and install the appropriate driver for your sound card.

If not, you may need to search online for the specific driver for that sound card. If you recently updated your operating system, it is possible that you have a sound card that is not supported in the latest version of the Windows operating system, but that is unlikely. Try going to the Website of the sound card manufacturer and searching for a new driver download. Then use the downloaded driver file when you access the driver information in the device manager.

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