Not Ready for Prime Time?

from Technology & Learning

It was an eye-opener interviewing corporate executives for this month's cover feature, "The Workforce Readiness Crisis." As you'll see when you read the piece, the executives were critical of the lack of interpersonal skills of new hires, including the sweeping deficiencies in oral and written communications afflicting even four-year college grads, terming many of them "unpromotable."

On the other hand, employers of graduates from top schools couldn't find enough praise for the professionalism, real-world know-how, and technological skills of their new employees.

So the divide is indeed broadening. And if we choose to listen to the Fortune 500 companies concerned about an increasingly underprepared workforce, we're at a point of crisis. But we'd like to hear your views about this growing disconnect. Please e-mail me with your perspectives at

This month Executive Editor Amy Poftak brings you an extension of our popular School CIO Web site, which offers a range of practical solutions for the education executive charged with instituting business efficiencies that affect the bottom line. We're sure you'll find something of use for your district.

Also this month, Ana Bishop takes a look at online professional development options, and Kristen Kennedy reviews the latest online writing tools. We continue our One-to-One series with Tom McHale's report on a cutting-edge Ohio school, and wrapping up the book is a look by Christopher Heun at how biofeedback can help students be better prepared for those high-stakes tests.

Finally, go to for Susan Brooks-Young's Bottom Line column. While you're there, be sure to check out the great presentation materials from our recent Tech Forum events in New York, Austin, and Seattle.